An usurper is described as a man or woman who will take something by force, be it illegally, politically and in many cases, both. Famous usurpers in history include Henry VII of England and more famously Napoleon I of France. Both famous historical figures seized control of their respective countries after much blood shed and violence.

The alias of the Russian super middleweight epitomises the fighting style of Sergey “The Usurper” Gorokhov, a relentless and game fighter who likes to take the fight to his opponents.

“I enjoy fighting, you could say I am more of brawler than a boxer. I like to attack my opponent with different combinations, my main goal is to inflict as much pain as possible on my opponent.”

At first glance, the record of Sergey Gorohkhov (9-2) does not blow you away. However, the Russian hailing from Kaliningrad could be set for a very bright future. The blemishes on his record come in the way of points defeats to Valery Brudov and Konstantin Piternov. Since then, Sergey has been on a 4 fight unbeaten streak and came prominence on the Mairis Briedis Vs Mike Perez WBSS Quarter final undercard, in a dominant performance, winning by points against Norway’s Tim Robin Lihaug.

Recently signed to Southampton based Russian promoter; Al Siesta. The intimidating, Russian Super middleweight’s fighting style can be compared to that of his main inspiration.

“Mike Tyson is my favorite, I loved his attacking style. I try to draw inspiration when I watch his fights. He was ferocious and scared the life out of his opponents. I plan to the same in my career. But Mike is not the only fighter I look up to. Sugar Ray Leonard was one of the great fighters, very different to Mike Tyson. But you have to admire Ray Leonard’s movement and skill. Mike Tyson will always be my favourite though.”

Sergey made his pro debut in 2013 after a limited amateur background having to learn quickly on the job. Not scared to test himself against the best, Sergey has big ambitions within the sport.

“I am currently ranked 118 on Boxrec and I plan to move up the rankings quickly. Having linked up with Al (Siesta), I am hoping he can get me involved in title fights one day. He has done a great job with some of the fighters he is working with. Look at the job he has done with Mairis Briedis. I am very excited to be working with him and Siesta Boxing. My manager and cut-man Igor Sudelainen put me together with (Al) Siesta, they have worked together many times before and we all get along very well. I couldn’t be happier with the team we have assembled, we are all pulling in the same direction for me to achieve my potential. I am very fortunate to have such great people like Igor and Al in my corner.”

At first glance, Sergey is not the most approachable of men. Looking like the kind of man you would not like to bump into down a dark alley. His acting career suggests the same as my initial thoughts on “The Usurper”, appearing in Russian crime series; Strike and Yellow eye of the tiger. However within minutes of meeting him, his boyish smile and jovial manner had won me over. His personality being a complete contrast to his fighting demeanor.

I was curious to find out how Sergey had found himself in the World of boxing and if he (like many other fighters) had family ties to the sport.

“No, I am the first person in my family to box. Infact my mother didn’t want me to fight as she was worried I would get hurt. In the beginning they were not that supportive, mainly due to a lack of knowledge and fearing for my well being. Which is understandable. But now my whole family are very supportive.”

At 27 years old and approaching his 12th fight. I asked Sergey  – What his ambitions were in the sport?

“I am in it to win it. I want to test myself at the highest level and travel all over the World being in great fights. Ultimately I want one of those (World title) belts! I live a healthy life style, so being a fighter fits into my way of life.

Having reported on boxing for over 3 years now, you meet certain fighters who have that certain star quality. Almost having a force-field around them. Sergey had just that, it being no surprise he had a solid acting CV. Now with a strong team around him and a fan friendly style, Sergey Gorokhov could be making some big headlines over the next couple of years.

Interview By Adam Noble-Forcey for FightTalk.net

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