Undefeated heavyweight Naylor Ball (4-0) has been added to the highly anticipated “Battle of Bracknell” on July 8th at Bracknell Leisure Centre. The 21 year old from Iver spoke on his inclusion on the Siesta Boxing Promotion “Battle of Bracknell”.

“It’s a very good experience to fight on this show. I haven’t boxed for about 6 months now, so I want to keep myself busy! I would like to start working my way up the rankings now, I think I’m ranked in the top 26 at the moment in Britain; I just need to keep climbing the ladder! I would like to be in the top 15 or 20 by the end of the year. I’m not here to be a punch bag or be here to just take part; I want to make a bit of noise!”

The undefeated Naylor Ball is big hit in the local area, one of the many reasons promoter Al Siesta was so interested in working with the man from Iver.

“I’ve seen him in the gym a few times. He’s a nice young fighter, he’s only 21 ‘Barely legal’ as I call it in boxing. I know that some people have some questions about him, but I want to give him a chance because he’s a young guy and still developing. He has a great team around him, I spoke to him and he’s very excited to fight on my show. Hopefully we can work together and improve him on a promotional basis and maybe give him something in terms of boxing as well.”

The Southampton based Russian promoter who guided Cruiserweight Mairis Briedis to a WBC World title continued on and himself and Naylor collaborating.

“He’s a young man and everybody needs a chance, I’m sure he will mature! I’m just excited to work with him, he’s quite charismatic, he represents the travelling community and I really love these people. The travelling community has given birth to some great fighters and I would like to collaborate with at least one of them.”

“Battle Of Bracknell” Takes place at Bracknell Leisure Centre on Sunday July 8th with Bracknell Welterweight, Luther Clay headlining, Cruiserweight Greg Bridet debuting and Kallia Kourouni (Pink Tyson) fights Kristine Shergold for the IBF Super Featherweight title.

Tickets are £40 for standard and £60 for ringside – Contact www.SiestaBoxing.com, Siesta Boxing Facebook page or +447421028927 for tickets.

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