Al Siesta and Siesta Boxing Promotions are delighted to announce their next promotion at Bracknell Leisure Centre on September 29th.

This follows a previously successful promotion in Bracknell on July 8th, where Luther Clay dominated the seasoned Renald Garrido with a unanimous decision victory over eight rounds. The highly entertaining Battle Of Bracknell also saw Jonny Phillips win a close fight with Jamie Speight via decision and local favourites; Naylor Ball, George Lamport, Billy Allington and Irishman Rohan Date all participated on the card.

On the upcoming show Luther Clay will be looking for his tenth victory against the Frenchman, Yahya Tlaouziti (13-3-3). The undercard will involve more local talent including; George Lamport, Sam Horsfall, Aaron Collins, heavyweight Nick Webb and Rohan Date will be moving down to welterweight.

Promoter Al Siesta spoke on the upcoming show in Bracknell.

“I’m delighted to continue our great work in Bracknell. It’s Luther’s home town and the response from our last event was overwhelmingly positive. The people in the local area seem to really enjoy their boxing and the plan is to build a truly great destination for fight fans. Again we will be involving many talented local fighters on the card and bring to the great people of Bracknell a hugely entertaining night of fights. As for Luther, we have huge plans for him, he’s in a good place mentally and physically and he responded very well to the pressure of being the headline fighter. Previously I have taken Luther all over Europe and Russia to start his education into boxing, now it’s time to build his base in his hometown.”

In Yahya Tlaouziti, Clay has another tough night ahead of him. The french welterweight has never been stopped in his 19 fights thus far and is fighter that always comes to win.

Al Siesta continued:

“The show will be a carnival of boxing for fight fans. I plan to put on more competitive 50/50 fights for those attending. It’s going to be another great night of boxing in Bracknell! It’s a town I have huge plans for and envisage promoting many more great nights there as we continue our philosophy of well matched bouts throughout our shows. I would like to have Luther fighting for a title by the end of the year, in Bracknell! He’s improving in every fight, I’m very optimistic about his future.”

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