Al Siesta and Siesta Boxing Promotions have continued their European expansion with the signing of 22 year old undefeated Hungarian super welterweight, Ferenc Berki Jr (11-0) to a three year promotional contract. Al spoke on his newest addition.

“He’s the number 1 super welterweight in Hungary; I’ve been following his career for a little while now. He’s very exciting to watch, quite durable, can punch a bit and I think with some guidance and injection of enthusiasm, he can do really well. It’s also a family affair which really excites me because I believe in this type of tradition, him and his father, who is also his trainer. They have the same philosophy as Siesta Boxing Promotions, a family environment. I’m looking forward to working with them and looking forward to bringing Siesta Boxing to Budapest to do big shows featuring Berki, in-fact I think Ferenc deserves to fight for a title now. He’s had eleven wins now, no losses and five stoppages. He looks perfect, great looking lad, good technique, I think he possesses some power and he’s cocky, but I like cocky.”

With the vision of turning Berki’s home town of Budapest into a hot spot for international boxing, Siesta continued with his views on the Hungarian Capital

“It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I’m really excited to take Siesta Boxing Promotions there. I think Hungarian’s have a huge tradition when it comes to boxing, they have a massive tradition with big champions from the past, Istvan Kovacs is a classic example! I’m looking forward to stepping into the real boxing territory in Budapest and try to make some noise, the way we like it.”

The new signing himself; Ferenc Berki Jr told the media upon signing with the International promoter.

“I am very happy that we were able to find a way to come to an agreement with a fast-rising, ambitious international promotion in Siesta Boxing Promotions. It is fantastic that we’ve got the attention of Al Siesta for Hungary. It is definitely an honor to represent Siesta Boxing Promotions through my fights. I know that I will get treated with respect here. Al Siesta transformed Mairis Briedis from unknown prospect to world champion, so I can be sure that I am in good hands in Siesta Boxing as my goal is exactly the same. I want to win a world title belt for myself, my family, my country, and for Siesta Boxing Promotions.”

The young super welterweight from Budapest is trained under the watchful eye of his father and coach; Ferenc Berki Snr, who told the media.

“It is an unbelievable achievement that we were able to sign with an internationally well-respected promoter in Al Siesta. I am grateful that he found my son worthy enough to add him to his rising stable of talented prospects and help him reach his highest goals. It is an honor to work with a promoter who helped raising a world champion and made boxing the national sport in a country that previously had no meaningful history within the sport. I am 100% sure that together with Al Siesta and Siesta Boxing Promotions, we will have a long journey packed with plenty of successes.”

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